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For business owners seeking the very best support to develop their business and their staff

For truly committed business owners with ambitious financial plans we have a seriously high level membership that will allow your business, staff and you to benefit from everything in our BiZHUB Connect, BiZHUB Learn, BiZHUB Grow packages. BiZHUB Inspire allows you to send other people on your team.

We hold four in-person meetings every month and you can send your staff to the two talks and the collaboration session and then as the business principal you can join us at our Mini-Mastermind session. 

If we have a talk about accounts, send your accounts staff. If there's an inspirational talk, send your sales team for a boost. You as the business owner can then benefit from widening your team's knowledge and joining one of Mini-Mastermind sessions to get some real insight into the big issues holding your business back.

Every month we have a range of speakers on each monthly topic. Plus, the monthly collaboration session with a work book and a whole session to help implement the guidance and inspiration from our invited speakers in your business. 

The Mini-mastermind events have proven to be very popular with ambitious business owners. You and just 9 other BiZHUB members join an in-person session to thrash through the big issues you are currently struggling with in your business. Not only do you get the benefit of the "master mind", and collective wisdom around the table but you are also held accountable for the actions you decide to make. The accountability to your peers is important, your the boss, who else keeps your feet to the fire?

You also join a supportive business community that's committed to everyone's success and meet your peers at in-person events. If you miss a speaking event these are recorded for you to catch up with later, and the collaboration session workbooks are also available in your account as well as the other BiZHUB resources.

You also get the benefits of BiZHUB Learn
Lots of online resources including videos, presentations, and workbooks. You also join a supportive business community that's committed to everyone's success and meet your peers at in-person events.

Plus the BiZHUB Connect Benefits

You will be given a listing in the local business directory centred around Bordon, Whitehill and the surrounding area. It's more than just a business listing, you join a local thriving business community and get some great benefits.

Your directory listing has some helpful features to ensure customers find your business listing and click through to your website or give you a call.  BiZHUB Connect is for business owners who wish to raise their visibility locally and get found by businesses and consumers locally. 

Once signed up you add to your profile and customise your very own dedicated web page with a link to your website, product images and special offers, as well as your Google My business link with a map and reviews PLUS you can link your Instagram account. Showcasing all your lovely products, and updating automatically when you post to Instagram.

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For just £99.00 (+VAT) per month you get:

All the benefits of BiZHUB Connect...

  • Full-page listing to showcase your business
  • Join a fast growing network of local businesses
  • Searchable local business directory
  • List your products or services & link to your website
  • Back-links help improve your website's Google position
  • Link to Google My Business, share ratings, reviews & photos
  • Connect your Instagram account to display your images
  • Increase online and in-store visitors
  • Manage your page and update important info
  • Including your business special offers and promotions
  • Increase online and in-store visitors
  • Wider visibility for your business locally


  • Access to the member's area resources
  • 2+ Years of business training videos
  • Workbooks and helpful guides


  • A bespoke growth plan for your business
  • Monthly Mini Mastermind, discuss challenges in confidence 
  • Business skills improvement sessions every Friday 
  • Speakers with business success stories to inspire and motivate 
  • Help being more productive and implementing your learning
  • We will celebrate your wins on social media
  • Opportunities to promote your business in local press
  • Networking opportunities locally 
  • Book a meeting room when you need it for FREE!
  • Exclusive online group for chatting with other BiZHUB Members 
  • Free Black and White Printing at SiGNAL
  • Listed on BiZHUB Members Board in SiGNAl building with business cards
  • Listed on BiZHUB Members page on website with back links to your website


  • Send unlimited staff to events each month
  • Monthly Mini Mastermind for you
  • A chance to share your success story with our members

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