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SiGNAL Radio
SiGNAL Radio gets the Inside Scope on BOSC

SiGNAL Radio 07.07.20

SiGNAL Radio
SiGNAL Radio does a Property Viewing

SiGNAL Radio 30.06.20

SiGNAL Radio
SiGNAL Radio gets its Butt KICKED!

SiGNAL Radio 23.06.20

Members In The Spotlight
This Month we had Scott Duffield, Emma Bateman and Russell Parratt

Members in the Spotlight 19.06.20

SiGNAL Radio
SiGNAL Radio Picks up some tools

SiGNAL Radio 16.06.20

SiGNAL Radio
How can you give back to the Community?

SiGNAL Radio 09.06.20

SiGNAL Radio

SiGNAL Radio 02.06.20

SiGNAL Radio
Out for some lunch at 1759

SiGNAL Radio 26.05.20

Members In The Spotlight
This Month we had Wendy Smith, Katrine Orr and Tony Ashbolt

Members in the Spotlight 22.05.20

SiGNAL Radio
The face of the Phoenix Theatre

SiGNAL Radio 19.05.20

SiGNAL Radio
There is a Ice cold DJ in The Chair

SiGNAL Radio 12.05.20

SiGNAL Radio
Takes a Ride with the 'Car Lady'

SiGNAL Radio 05.05.20

SiGNAL Radio
Interview With Julian Clarke

SiGNAL Radio 28.04.20

SiGNAL Radio
Interview With Andy Tree

SiGNAL Radio 21.04.20

Members In The Spotlight
This month we will be Interviewing Some of the team at SiGNAL. We have Louise and Claire facing the Stools.

Members in the Spotlight 20.03.20

Members In The Spotlight
This Month we have Rob Fryer, Lisa Woolnough and Dave Mckinney

Members in the Spotlight 21.02.20

Members In The Spotlight
This Month we had Sumi Olson, Sarah Bass and Esther Matthews

Members in the Spotlight 17.01.20

"I have my desk at Signal so I can work in a peaceful and friendly environment. I have a great desk where I can work, and then I can always talk to other residents, co-workers and get the office "buzz". Everyone is always so positive and always have great discussions there. And at the moment in these difficult times everyone is pulling together, there is lots of information out there and we are trying to help each other like our local communities. Thank you Signal for giving us that platform."
Suzanne Driver
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