Great relaxed and friendly environment to work in. The staff are first class, and always happy to help out. Fantastic range of meeting rooms and work space.
Scott Duxfield, The Home Solutions Group
I hired a conference room last week to host a webinar to the USA for 200 people. Due to time differences - it ran from 6 - 7pm. SiGNAL was more than happy to keep the office open for me - and ensured that I had total peace and quiet. Much appreciated and fantastic customer service. I have also used the centre for local business meetings - nothing but praise for it. A great facility to have for anyone local.
Beverley Nash Pryce, Nash Marketing
What a fantastic space! Just 20 mins from Farnham and has saved me hours of hassle with it's super speedy secure WiFi! Free parking, free tea & coffee, free fruit, lots of desk space, really nice decor and friendly atmosphere. I will definitely be coming back!
Jen Thomas, Revitaise Coaching
Training with Suzanne - was brilliant - not least because it was personal 1:1 training and Suzanne had answers and useful suggestions to my queries and problems. Suzanne is an absolute professional and her knowledge of her subject is extensive. I think we went a little off the original course structure to start with as Suzanne was helping me with particular issues - but then it was quick to do it all with just me.
Janet Alkema, Time Management & Productivity Coach
I use the treatment room at Signal as it's perfect for my clients living in the area. It's quiet and peaceful for them with lots of parking and a reception area to wait. The room is colourful and relaxing with Himalayan salt lamps to create the ambience. Having the treatment bed in there makes it much easier for bringing in all my equipment too!
Bryony Alford, B'eautiful Health and Beauty Service
Fantastic Business Group where you learn, collaborate and grow your business. Signal is an amazing venue & such a wonderful resource for businesses in the area.
Sarah Bass, Oraculum Recruitment
I recently took part in the Spring into Health Festival in Whitehill & Bordon and used SiGNAL's Wellness Suite. The room was an ideal size, clean and very suitable for therapy treatments. The Signal centre staff are very helpful and friendly. I look forward to returning.
Amanda Nash, Sole Purpose Reflexology
The space is bright, the people are friendly, and it's the perfect place for me to go to really concentrate on what needs doing. This is the place I want to be when I work from home.
Lisa Haskell, Airbus Defence and Space
This is an amazing free workspace. As a retired employee of far too many years, I really like having an office away from home. Everyone is very welcoming and the working environment is fantastic with space, comfortable work stations and good natural light. I will be using this on a regular basis because I have a home-based flexible business which just requires a spot from which to work. I can highly recommend Signal to anyone needing a good working environment.
Sheila Lemon, Forever Living
Great place and super nice staff too.
Ian Weir, Think Driving School
Fab place for small businesses to come and work. Run by knowledgeable and helpful staff, there's also events and is home to the Bordon Hub run on a Wednesday which is very good too. If you are looking for workspace or just somewhere that's not "home" Signal is the place to go! Free desk space, WiFi, and hot drinks and snacks, what's not to love about that!!!
Stuart Morrison, Mister Metric
Great people and enthusiastic about supporting you in business.
Joanna Franey, Keep Well and Stay Beautiful
A great place for us small business monkeys to meet and interact with other like-minded individuals. Emma and her team are very friendly and welcoming :)
Adrian Stokes, Mobidaze
Wonderful place with fantastic facilities and brilliant staff. As someone who has only been freelancing a month Signal is a hugely valuable resource to me. Having a place to meet like minded people is helping me to grow my business and increase my confidence. It's a great supportive environment, give it a try!
Helen Ellis, Welcome to Whitehill & Bordon
Bright and airy quiet workspace. Great for meeting like minded entrepreneurs and sharing ideas.
Sara Prior, Cloud Nine Knits
Becoming a resident in one of the offices at  the Signal building was a no brainer for me. Having moved to the Bordon area last year I saw the potential of  moving my business here too to help grow my business in and around Bordon.  Signal stood out for me as not only is it a great facility but the team are supportive and passionate about bringing local businesses together.
Rob Fryer, PAW Design
The Bordon Hub is a great community of support and learning. There are so many people who are there to help and support everyone's business development and growth. It is a culture of giving which I appreciate very much as it sits well with my own values.
Sheila Lemon, Forever Living
The Bordon Hub has enabled me to excel very quickly in my business. The workshops and talks have provided me with invaluable information that has helped me manage, market and grow my business more effectively.
Eloise Effie, This Is Eloise
I have now been a member of the Bordon Hub for a month, I'd just like to say what an amazing bunch you all are. I'm so glad I came along to the Bordon Business Exchange where I learnt about the Hub and instantly decided these guys can give the support that I need!
Russell Parratt, Kubo Kitchens
I'm a small business owner and like '000s of others, I don't have any employed staff and limited experience on running/growing a business. It can feel like you're a tiny fish in a mahoosive pond! The home of the Hub, Martinique House, oozes charm and has a great relaxed vibe about it. The hub team are very friendly, full of positivity and always willing to help.
Russell Parratt, Kubo Kitchens
It staggers me, on how the topics of the weekly workshops are on always on point, the Q&A session is very helpful where everybody shares their thoughts/ideas Brilliant! Thanks to Emma and the Bordon Hub team for your continued support.
Russell Parratt, Kubo Kitchens
A fantastic vibrant environment to inspire you! Love it there!
Gideon Cristofoli, Bookers & Bolton Solicitors
Great people and facilities. Can't wait to share business knowledge and learn from others. What the world needs - collaboration! Well done Signal!
Paula Langley, Bookers & Bolton Solicitors
All in all it was a great experience - very targeted, practical and useful training delivered by an expert in very pleasant surroundings.
Janet Alkema, Time Management & Productivity Coach
The amenities at Signal are excellent - what particularly struck me was how very clean and bright it is - which is a refreshing change for an older building. It has been tastefully done with the clean white walls - I love the Signal logos everywhere - and the toilets were spotless.  Kitchen is big, clean and has all the essentials for a quick cup of coffee - and great that it is all free - except for the machine coffee - and thank you for mine - it is rather special to have machine coffee when having paid for a training course.
Janet Alkema, Time Management & Productivity Coach
Discovering SiGNAL has been an enormously positive experience for me and the business. The facilities available are outstanding, the staff are welcoming and friendly and I am so grateful to be part of SiGNAL Bordon's coworking community.
Anna Allgrove, Pole Star PR
Great team at Signal - I needed a room to film a sign language translation for a client and was they provided the perfect space. Would highly recommend - thanks guys!
Leo Mansell, Shoot and Splice
Great business resource. Dedicated facilities. Room to work. Access to fellow business people willing to share knowledge & experience. Exactly what's needed for anyone wishing to grow or maintain a small business.
Sumi Olson, Olson Sales and Marketing 
Brilliant facilities and friendly faces. I love popping over here to get my head down into some work. It's quiet enough to concentrate but there's always people about to chat to and ask for help if needed. As I work from home, the ability to book meeting rooms has helped massively and the prices are very reasonable too. Highly recommended!
Eloise Effie, This Is Eloise
Signal has a great atmosphere and is a professional and quiet place to work. Want to meet other entrepreneurs? Then you need to spend some time here. Don't want to break the bank? Perfect! They don't charge you to use their space. What more could you ask for?
David Smith, Made Responsively
We initially rented desks at SiGNAL and by the second day, we knew we wanted our office here. We decided to opt for an office in Paris (but without the travel to France, luckily!). The team even got the office ready for us early so we could set up and crack on with running our business, something which went above and beyond what we expected. We have been made to feel incredibly welcome, the space is perfect and far more productive than working from home ??" it’s been worth every penny so far. We are so thankful for the team at SiGNAL for helping us making it happen.
Laura Lound, Noodle Design & Consulting Ltd.
SiGNAL is the beating heart of Bordon.
Scott Duffield, The Home Solutions Group
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